Marta’s Cakes: A Fun and Creative Way to De-Stress

When in Manila and looking for a way to unwind and relax your mind for a little while, Marta’s Cakes may just have the perfect solution for you. This might sound strange, but decorating cookies and cupcakes at Marta’s Cakes can actually relax your mind and put it at ease. I’m no psychiatrist, so I can’t tell you why this is the case, but it is. And I’m living proof of it.




I’ve been a huge fan of Marta’s Cakes ever since I first tasted their red velvet cupcakes from their Alabang Town Center stall. So, when I got the opportunity to visit the Marta’s Cakes store in Serendra and give cookie and cupcake decorating a go, I was all for it. Of course, I didn’t take into the account that I suck at art before I got there…







The Serendra branch of Marta’s Cakes is located on the ground floor of Serendra and is pretty easy to spot with its bright pink logo and colorful window displays.







When I walked into Marta’s Cakes itself, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – there were so many different colors and so many different sweets, I didn’t know what to look at first.







Fortunately, the operations manager, Isabel Kahn, and my friend Vergil Chua were there to keep me sane and get my mind off of the surroundings in Marta’s Cakes for the time being. Isabel told us that Marta’s Cakes actually began in an Alabang home in 1997 until the orders became too much for them to handle.




Now, Marta’s Cakes is deemed to be one of the most sought-after cake makers in terms of personalized cakes for various occasions! Here are some of the best cakes that I spotted at the Marta’s Cakes Serendra branch:




Apparently, this Smurfs cake is the most intricate cake ever made at Marta’s Cakes to date.




Super cool Harry Potter cake by Marta’s Cakes!




Marta’s Cakes can make cakes that are completely edible or have styrofoam bottom layers. If you want to save some money, the latter would definitely be the way to go!




I also spotted my favorite red velvet cupcakes by Marta’s Cakes. They’re Php70 a piece and worth every peso!




Naturally, the geek in me had to take a picture of this Star Wars inspired topper by Marta’s Cakes, as well!




The place itself is very spacious and well-lit, but what I loved about Marta’s Cakes the most was that they had cute tables and chairs for kids. Although I’m technically no longer a kid, I’m still a kid at heart; so I took my place at one of the kiddy tables to prepare myself for some cupcake and cookie decorations – Marta’s Cakes style!




Who says only kids can decorate cookies and cupcakes at Marta’s Cakes? :p




Okay, so I felt a little foolish sitting in that little chair after a while, but Isabel assured me that I wasn’t the only one. In fact, a lot of chefs apparently go to Marta’s Cakes to decorate their own cupcakes because it relieves them of stress and takes their minds off of everything. Who would’ve thought that decorating cookies and cupcakes could be therapeutic?




You can decorate your own cookies and cupcakes at Marta’s Cakes, too, for only Php180! 🙂




Unfortunately, I realized about ten minutes in that I’m not the most artistic person in the world. I also realized I’m an utter klutz because I ended up dropping my cookies and getting frustrated at my personalized Marta’s Cakes designs that I just gave up and focused on taking pictures of Verge after a while.




Here he is hard at work on his Marta’s Cakes sun cookie!




And check out the artistic personalized Marta’s Cakes cupcake that he made.




Of course, kids can enjoy themselves at Marta’s Cakes, too. Check out this little cutie that we spotted there before leaving!







Marta’s Cakes is truly a happy place. I guarantee you will smile the minute you walk in. And, even if you are artistically challenged like me, you will still leave Marta’s Cakes with a smile on your face because of its colorful and fun ambience alone. The staff is very funny and friendly, too!




So, whether you’re a frustrated artist, are bored and are looking for something new to do, want to bond with your friends, or just need some time off from the busy city When in Manila, visit Marta’s Cakes and try decorating some cookies and cupcakes of your own!




Marta’s Cakes Serendra Branch


Phone: (02) 915-0005




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Marta’s Cakes: A Fun and Creative Way to De-Stress

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