‘Marlou is a hopeless case,’ says Management as they search for a new ‘Xander Ford’

Due to multiple counts of misbehavior, Marlou Arizala has been suspended indefinitely by his management and stripped of his stage name “Xander Ford.”

Xander Ford transformation

Source: Star Image Artist Management

According to Star Image Artist Management, the former Hasht5 member allegedly violated numerous terms in his contract, which they listed in their Facebook post announcing the search for a new “Xander Ford.” Star Image explained that they initially created Marlou’s alter ego as a “kind, well-mannered, humble and responsible artist” who could be a good example to the Filipino youth. However, Marlou’s consistent misconduct proved otherwise.

Some of the violations mentioned on the post were: yelling at ABS-CBN marshalls, unprofessional behavior towards production staff of Gandang Gabi Vice, and “bashing” other Kapamilya artists including Kathryn Bernardo.

While suspended, Marlou is not allowed to participate in any event without his management’s consent and approval. And although he will continue to work under Star Image, he will no longer be identified as Xander Ford; the name, according to Star Image, will be given “to the Rightful Person bearing the good qualities that we are looking for an upcoming Idol and to become a good role model to all.”

The post has since drawn criticism from some netizens who believe that the management is deliberately bullying the young artist. Star Image left this comment in response:

We did our part as the management. We enrolled him to a Personality Development institution to teach him good manners. And yet he chose to be hard-headed and uncontrollable stubborn individual. Even his parents are unhappy with his actions. In other words, sinukuan na sya ng mga magulang nya. You don’t know Marlou personally. He was not being bullied. This is a fair warning to all who want to try Show business. Be humble always.

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