Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada Reveals Will Renovate Two More District Hospitals This Year

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada will renovate two more district hospitals in the said city this year, 2016. As reported by Manila Bulletin, the mayor revealed the rehabilitation of Ospital ng Sampaloc will begin immediately after the unveiling of the newly renovated, Ospital ng Maynila.

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center was founded in 1969. It is one of the city’s premier medical institutions.

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Mayor Erap has allocated P300 Million for the rehabilitation of OSMA (Ospital ng Maynila). The hospital is expected to have a full and complete medical equipment below:

  • Radiology and Imaging Section with a fully-functioning digital X-Ray machine
  • ultrasound
  • fluoroscopy
  • 32-slice CT scan
  • MRI Machines

Besides the OSMA rehabilitation, a blood bank that is capable of servicing five other hospitals is also expected to be available in Ospital ng Maynila.

Meantime, the Manila Bulletin reported as well, that Mayor Erap has also started the rehabilitation of Ospital ng Sampaloc’s Emergency room and Dietary sections. The cost of the said rehabilitation is P10 Million, courtesy of city’s taxes. The re-tiling of the hospital hallways and renovation of the toilets will soon follow, as well.

ospital ng sampaloc

Here is the list of the medical equipment that has already been procured for Ospital ng Sampaloc:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECD)
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound Machines

These are aside from the CT-Scan that was already available and can be utilized by residents for free.

The second hospital Mayor Erap is going to renovate is the Ospital ng Tondo.

ospital ng tondo

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They already started with the ramps, toilets, and grills on the hallways of the building.  A new ambulance, dryer, washing machine and a generator set were also procured for Ospital ng Tondo.

Momentarily, the medicine supplies worth P150,000 have already been purchased through PAGCOR funds. Likewise, laboratory expenses are subsidized to Manila residents. The budget of P500 Million was allocated for the modernization program of the Manila’s six district hospitals and 59 health centers.

Additionally, the rehabilitation of the two district hospitals is part of the city’s program to provide free medical services to Manilenos.

I grew up in Nakpil, Malate Manila and hearing these privileges makes me want to relocate, STAT!

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