Manila American Cemetery and Memorial: Annual Memorial Day Ceremonies



Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is located  just a hop, skip and jump away from  BGC’s High Street and Restaurants. Designed by Gardener A.Dailey of San Francisco, this memorial is the most beautifully lanscaped site in Bonafacio Global City, Manila.

Tomorrow, May 29 2011, Sunday is THE day to visit and participate in the Annual Memorial Day ceremonies that will begin at 7.30am. Boy scouts, volunteering expats and Philippines American Guardian Association have already planted flags of USA and the Philippines on each cross and star here.




Far from being sombre, the colorful atmosphere of MACM appears to celebrate the war heroes’ memories. I am an Indian expat and I stood there…envying the spirit of  positive international relations that Philippines embodies. It was as if I stood witness to the grim past of these islands through which the Filipinos have emerged stronger and wiser and more cosmopolitan and more prosperous with every passing day.


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So bring in your sunscreen, caps and a waterbottle tomorrow morning at 7.30. Wear comfortable but formal clothes to the memorial, as instructed by the American Battle Monuments Commision. Watch important dignitaries and the people pay their homage to the unsung heroes of the second world war. Have a great start to your Sunday Morning in Manila!


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BGC backdrop


Follow it up with breakfast at Larry’s Cafe Bar in Serendra. Spanish Omelette and Bangus/Beef sirloin breakfasts  and Kesong Puti with Pandesal here are to die for (pun Intended:)!!!


Walk down to one of the book-stores like Fully Booked and laze an afternoon browsing away. Explore a merienda joint and let me know if you had an awesome Sunday or what!


When In Manila, during Memorial Day, be sure to come visit the BGC Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.



For more details contact

Herminia A. Lelix

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For Larry’s Cafe Bar, you may contact

Cherry : 632-856-0527


Manila American Cemetery and Memorial: Annual Memorial Day Ceremonies