Manang’s Chicken: Your New Favorite Pinoy Fried Chicken

Manang’s Chicken: Your New Favorite Pinoy Fried Chicken


When in Manila, you have to try the newest Pinoy fried chicken, Manang’s Chicken! Currently with nine branches all over Metro Manila and three weekend market locations, Manang’s Chicken is on fire and currently gaining popularity among fried chicken lovers. What makes Manang’s Chicken your new favorite Pinoy fried chicken? Let me count the ways.

Their Tomas Morato branch features a wall, telling the audience about their humble beginnings.

Like many popular and best restaurants, Manang’s Chicken‘s story starts in a family’s kitchen. For the past 20 years, the unique Manang’s Chicken was already being served on the tables of the Gerodias’s family. Jill and her sister Jen, before they became lawyer and chef respectively, adored their cooks’ unique take on fried chicken–and as you might have guessed, they fondly called her “Manang”. What’s so special about her chicken was that it’s deeply fried twice (hence crunchy) and it’s also sweet–and not too sweet or subtly sweet but it’s just the exact kind of sweetness that we love when we taste sweet barbecues. Seasoned with sesame seeds, Manang’s Chicken is crispy and sweet–it’s Pinoy because unlike the other fried chicken from that resto that came  from Korea (which is quite salty, by the way), Manang’s Chicken will definitely make you feel you’re home with every bite.

Manang’s Chicken wings are awesome! You can have them just sweet as they are, or, if you’re ready for a tongue kick, try it mild spicy or very spicy!  



Last week, together with a few friends, I visited the Tomas Morato branch of Manang’s Chicken. Chef Jen Gerodias Slagle, COO of the commisary of Manang’s Chicken, shared with us some more of the success story of Manang’s Chicken. She told us that they started selling just at Mercato or weekend markets not more than two years ago and in a very short span of time, they already opened their 9th store on Visayas Avenue. They hope to open around ten more stores in the next twelve months and we wished her luck and congratulated her on the success of Manang’s Chicken. 

We ordered the a lot from the menu and since my friend, Marvin, is on diet, he opted for the Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Of course, my natural instinct was to ask him how does the sandwich taste as compared to other Chicken Sandwiches like the McChicken Sandwich of McDonald’s and the Zinger Sandwich of KFC. His verdict?  Manang’s Chicken Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich is better than those two! Wow!

Eat your hearts out, Zinger and McChicken! Meet your delicious new challenger, Manang’s Chicken‘s very own Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

Of course, the sandwich is never complete without Manang’s Chips and Dips!

Of course, my other friends and I feasted on, what else, but the Chicken Cuts and Chicken Wings of Manang’s Chicken! I would never forget my first bite of this chicken: since it was served hot, my teeth sank into its crispy coating, which was deep fried twice to get rid of the excess oil from the chicken skin, and my tongue met the sweet, delicious sauce smothering the meat. As I chew, the crunchiness of the skin and the sesame seeds and the delectable and delightful sweet sauce on the thigh’s meat reminded me of happy thoughts. Remember that scene in Ratatouille when the food critic Anton Ego finally tasted the cooking of the film’s charming protagonist? That’s exactly how it felt for me. Childhood thoughts appeared in my head and made me smile silly. 

If only life were as sweet as Manang’s Chicken Wings… 

Thigh and Leg: my favorite chicken parts. I didn’t request for it, but they ended up on my plate anyway. Nice! 



But more than just their already perfect fried chicken, Chef Jen surprised our group with some of the dishes that Manang’s Chicken is proud to offer. 

First up is Chef Jen’s pick: Pork Garlic Liempo Rice Meal. It’s crispy and is served with crunchy garlic bits topping and vinegar-based sauce.

Manang’s Chicken‘s crunchilicious Pork Garlic Liempo Rice Meal!


My personal pick, on the other hand, is  Sesame Beef Stew Rice Meal. The tender beef, slowly simmered in thick sesame sauce, served with steamed veggies, was heavenly good. It reminded me of Kalbi Stew of Korean restaurants.


If this still doesn’t satisfy you, you can also try their Cheezy Spaghetti or Fried Pansit. Their deep fried pancit canton is topped with chicken, vegetables and their very own secret special sauce. 

Of course, you have to mix this first! Yummy! This is a favorite among Manang’s Chicken’s regulars.



One of the best parts of the meal was the dessert. Manang’s Chicken recently launched this latest twist on a classic dessert: the Velvet Sundae. What’s so special about this? They bake the moist velvet cake on the spot (that’s why it’s served hot) and imagine this topped with vanilla ice cream which is by itself topped with fudge and chocolate chips. Oohlala!

 On their website, they promised that Velvet Sundae is “a sundae with a taste of heaven inside”. It’s quite accurate. 🙂

After an hour of stories and great food, my friends and I felt as if we were warped back in time when Jen and her sister Jill were enjoying their favorite Manang’s dishes in their very own kitchen. The dining experience made me feel at (and miss) home. 

When in Manila, you have to try the newest fried chicken craze in town and I can assure you that Manang’s Chicken will be your new favorite Pinoy fried chicken. Check out the nearest branch in your area.

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Manang’s Chicken: Your New Favorite Pinoy Fried Chicken


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