Making our World Breast-Cancer Free One Pink Valve Cap at a Time

Cancer is the third leading cause of fatality in the Philippines. There are different types of cancer: lung, breast, cervix, liver thyroid, colon, prostate, just to name a few. Whatever the type may be, it is still cancer and could lead to death at any given time.

According to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in the country, accounting for twenty-eight (28%) of total cancer in Asia. The disease has become common that is estimated that one of every 13 Filipino women is expected to develop breast cancer in the future.

But far more than what these troubling numbers reveal, breast cancer gives rise to the incalculable cost of human lives broken.

With that as a fact, more companies, influencers, and brands work together to spread awareness. Because, for now, that’s all we can do: spread awareness and support them to make a cancer-free world for the future generations.

This is where Bridgestone comes in. As we all know, Bridgestone’s passion to provide comfortable and safe tires is ubiquitous. In 2016, Bridgestone embarked on a different kind of journey. It has joined hands with the “I Can Serve Foundation” in the Philippines to address the need for a wider awareness of breast cancer.

Moreover, Bridgestone released its limited edition pink tire valve caps to mark the launch of the “Together We Save Lives’ campaign last October 2016. For only P100 a set, everyone could lend a hand by purchasing these limited edition valve caps.

Bridgestone Cancer valve

All proceeds, with last year’s total sum of PhP478,240.00, were turned over to the I Can Serve Foundation Inc. to support its information advocacy on breast cancer.

This year, Bridgestone, hand in hand with I Can Serve, looks forward to a deeper and more meaningful involvement in this advocacy as it strives to accompany our women in their journey to a breast cancer-free future.

We must do our part in spreading awareness about breast cancer. I know we can do this. Let’s save the future generation from any type of cancer.

Would you purchase this to help spread awareness? What do you think of this initiative? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!