Make Everyday “Berry” Special With Jollibee Strawberry Sundaes!


When in Manila and among the countless hard working yuppies like Frank and I, I’m sure you’d agree that we all deserve a break  and be rewarded for all our efforts!  It’s normal for people like us to dream about going on a weekend getaway or spend hours inside the spa however, if you don’t have the  luxury of time (and money) to do so, let us share to you one sure way to make that valuable free time of yours extra special — our secret? The Jollibee Strawberry Sundae!




The 25 peso bliss as I would like to call it, is my sure way to keep those migraines away!!




Allow me to show you how Jollibee plays a big role in the life of a yuppie like me!



You see, on a typical weekday afternoon, our whole team would often have a sweet satisfying Sundae breaktime  to shake off our stresses!  Our new addiction, the Jollibee Strawberry Sundae! Who could ever resist Jollibee‘s signature creamy vanilla soft serve topped with rich n’ thick strawberry syrup and strawberry bits??



quality break time bonding!




the sweetest way to perk up your day!




a “berry” sweet afternoon with the team





treats like these make office life fun




even my Korean boss loves it!




Our love for Jollibee treats don’t just end on weekdays of course! As for Frank and I who devote our weekends in going places to take photos as our reward to ourselves, it  has been a part of our routine to always make it a point to finish each memorable Sunday with a sweet ending with our friends and loved ones  with a filling meal at Jollibee! We believe that our blessings  are savored best when shared! Last weekend we invited his nieces to have a Jollibee dinner with us!




blessings are best savored when shared with loved ones



Frank enjoying his Champ!



My Korean Boss told me why she loves Jollibee’s Champ… she said it tastes really close to her favorite  Korean Bulgogi burger!



I couldn’t help but feel like a child again every time I eat my favorite Jolly Spaghetti!



their Palabok Fiesta also has its own distinct taste




Isa pa! Isa pa! Isa pang Chicken Joy!




Gusto mo? (Want some?)




Who could ever resist Jollibee‘s Peach Mango Pie?

warm crisp puff pastry filled with rich and flavorful peach mango filling!!




Of course, for our cool and  sweet finale, each of us had a cup of our favorite Jollibee Strawberry Sundae! I’m really glad to see this on their menu!


One thing I really like about  their sundae is that, its syrup isn’t too sweet and tastes fresh




a spoonful of Strawberry Sundae drives my stresses away!




girl talks become more fun indeed!




another berry memorable bonding  moment




I’ve been blogging about rewarding thyself for 4 years now and my desire to show people the goodness of life never ceases! It’s not really about the amount of money you spend but more on how and who you’re gonna spend it with! All through the years, I’ve come to realize that connecting to myself and my loved ones are the ones which make my life more meaningful because it gives me this sense of belongingness… a sense of home… and I may say that of all the fast food chains in the country, there is no doubt that Jollibee still reigns the best because personally, I feel I’m a part of it,  it’s something I can call my own!  As a Filipino food writer, no matter where my cravings would take me, the langhap sarap goodness of Jollibee will always have a special place in my heart!




Jollibee truly plays a big part in the life of every Pinoy! Loved by both the young and the young at heart, wherever they may be! It’s undeniable that we, the young professionals of today who are shaping the nation all grew up with its langhap sarap goodness!! I’m certain that Jollibee will still be adored by many generations to come! =)





So when in Manila, make it a habit to reward yourself with the sweet goodness of Jollibee Strawberry Sundae and make everyday  berry unforgettable!!







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Thank You so much to Badeth Compuesto and my partner in crime Frank Ruaya for

helping out with the photos.

To view more photos, kindly visit our humble blog EATS A DATE!







 Make Everyday “Berry” Special With Jollibee Strawberry Sundaes!

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