Maine Mendoza Was at Sam Smith’s Concert Last Night and Caused Quite a Stir

I am one of the very few people in the Philippines who has never seen a single episode of AlDub and therefore doesn’t truly understand the AlDub craze. Yes, I hear about it and I am constantly amazed by the things that I hear, but it wasn’t until after the Sam Smith concert last night when I truly, truly understood how crazy AlDub fans can get.

Imagine this: I was leisurely walking out of the concert hall with my friends when suddenly, people all around us started screaming and running towards a certain direction like crazy. It was contagious. My heart started racing and in my (clearly not-really-thinking-clearly) head, I (stupidly) assumed Sam Smith had decided to come out the front entrance to meet all of his fans. There was pushing and so much screaming that I thought my eardrums would fall out. Being short, I couldn’t see a thing. And then I heard what the people were screaming. “It’s Maine!” “Si Yaya Dub!” I was amazed.

maine mendoza yaya dub sam smith concert

Yes. This is how intense the crowd was.

maine mendoza yaya dub sam smith concert

That was the first time I witnessed firsthand how huge AlDub’s fan base really is and I absolutely salute Maine Mendoza for keeping her cool, keeping that signature smile on her face and being so game to take pictures with people despite how scary the amount of those people were.

maine mendoza yaya dub sam smith concert

Were any of you there to witness this, too?

All of these photos were found on the MAINEsters ILOILO Twitter account: @MAINEsters_ILO by the way. Maine Mendoza fans should definitely follow them!

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