Madhouse: The Local Interior Design Studio Solving Problems Through Innovative Design

When I think about designing a home, I can only imagine beautiful windows, huge spaces, sparkling clean walls, and perfectly staged furniture. But when designing a home, function is just as important (if not, more) as form. It’s important to have a home that meets all your needs and makes life much easier.

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Photo courtesy of Madhouse Design Studio

Madhouse Design Studio is a local interior design firm that creates “designs that solve”. Gila Salvador started the firm at age 20, after a few years of selling her art and designing notebooks and phone cases. She took the leap and started designing rooms, homes, and commercial spaces under Madhouse Design Studio.

This interior design firm is not just about making a space look good—even though they can transform any space through stunning design (more on that later)—but also about meeting the needs of their clients for a particular space.


Photo courtesy of Madhouse Design Studio

In one of Madhouse’s projects, the client didn’t have enough space in their condo. So, they designed a tiny home in the small space of the condo unit, utilizing hidden and easily movable furniture, as well as space-saving multi-functional items. The result was a comfortable and cozy condo unit with a beautiful and innovative design that solved their client’s problem.

Another client asked for a proper space for the kitchen, dining, and living area in their small townhouse. Madhouse’s solution was to create a cozy sunken living area and design a stylish dining booth/nook to separate all these spaces from each other.

Creating designs that solve may be one of Madhouse’s core missions, but they’re also known for creating fantastic themed rooms and spaces that will make the stuff of your dreams come true.

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Suppose you’re familiar with Madcafe, the chain of themed cafes and restaurants all over Metro Manila. In that case, you already have a glimpse of how Madhouse Design Studio can turn any space into something as magical as an Encanto-themed restaurant or an Alice in Wonderland-inspired cafe.

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If you’ve always dreamed of living in your very own Barbie Dream House, or you’re a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and want to dedicate your bedroom to it, Madhouse Design Studio can make it possible.

The Madhouse Team even caught the attention of Fil-Am influencer Bretman Rock when they shared a design concept for him if ever he bought a condo unit in the famous Monterrazas Condo. The beautiful design incorporated Bretman Rock’s personality and background into the condo unit, creating a unique and stunning hypothetical home for the “baddest” internet celebrity.

Bretman Rock’s response? “When do I move in?” He also adds: “It’s so me[,] I love it so much[.] They capture my style so well.”

Even Bretman Rock was impressed by the innovative design solutions of Madhouse Design Studio.

This local interior design firm can build your home from the ground up. Aside from interior and architectural design, they also offer construction services including interior renovation, ground up construction, facade design, and interior styling. So, if you want to make sure you get the home of your dreams, Madhouse Design Studio can take care of it for you.

Madhouse Design Studios’ rates for interior design start at PHP 65,000. Send them a message at for inquiries!

Madhouse Design Studio

#19 Congressional Ave. Brgy. Bahay Toro,
Project 8, Quezon City

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