Macao’s Juice Cubi is now in Manila—and they have instagrammable milk teas, fruit teas, and coffee!

Words by Justin Francia
Photos by Althea Catipon

Filipinos love milk tea. We’re obsessed with coffee teas as well. Fruit teas, too. And if you’ve experienced the dilemma of having to choose what beverage shop to go to because you don’t know what exactly among those are you craving for, then worry not because Macao’s Juice Cubi is finally in Manila – and they got it all for you in a one-stop-shop!

It doesn’t matter who you are with when you’re at Juice Cubi because they have drinks for everyone. They’re very age-friendly and diet-friendly because anyone can find the right drink for them as the shop even allows you to go with sugar-free drinks! You can enjoy a variety of beverages with your special someone, friends, family, without having to do beverage store-hopping. But that’s not all – their drinks and store are sooo instagram-worthy, great for those picture-perfect moments with your loved ones.

With its first branch in the Philippines located in Davao, Juice Cubi has served fine and fresh drinks, making beverage enthusiasts not only satisfied but healthy as well. They have lots of options for their customers, namely the Monster Series, Fresh Fruit Tea Series, Milk Tea Series, Caramel Cheese Macchiato Series, Blended Ice Series, Green Tea Series, and Special Cubi Series. All of which, according to them and their brand owner, live up to their tagline: “express yourself in every cup.” It’s impossible not to find the drink that fits you wonderfully.

With over 100 branch across Asia serving more than 40 different flavors, it’s definitely a must-try. Unique and fun, their drinks are not only for your taste buds to be satisfied, but they’re also aesthetically-pleasing!

For their Monster Series, we got to try their Starry Night and Mint Coffee. If you’ve been catching the latest craze about preferences when it comes to mint chocolate, their Mint Coffee is on a whole new level. Personally, this is my first time to encounter a drink like the Mint Coffee, and to those like me who’ve been long wanting to feed their curiosities about where to find one, then Juice Cubi is the place to go. Its mint gives off a different kind of sweet to the coffee, making the drink more interesting. Did I mention that it’s made of real coffee? Because it is!

On the other hand, their Starry Night is a flower-infused drink mixed with lemon. When it’s given to you, it’s blue but you get to pour the lemon yourself and watch the drink turns into purple. For those who like fruit juices, this is their best-seller. Not only does it change color, its overall taste is a must for those who want lemon juice with a twist.

Their Passion Fruit Tea is also one of their most popular beverages. What’s unique about it is that it has jelly which adds to the fruity feeling of the drink. Already flavorful as it is, it’s best for those who want a delectable drink on the go. It’s light and easy to consume, but tasty and healthy at the same time. Meanwhile, they also have the Special Cubi series which are like milkshakes. They also serve milk teas – and they have good news for those who are lactose intolerant because they also offer yogurt-based milk teas!

On top of all that, their beverage store is fit for the millennial heart and the millennial at heart. For titas who just want to relax or groups of friends who want to hang out, this place will surely be the spot to go to. Instagrammable, one of a kind, and delicious, there’s nothing more you could ask for when you go to Juice Cubi.

Juice Cubi is set to open this coming September 17 at SM Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.


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