Mabuhay Palace now offers delicious Vegetarian Menu!

When In Manila and in search of authentic but healthy Chinese cuisine, Manila Hotel’s Mabuhay Palace is the place to be!



The lovely exterior of Mabuhay Palace.


The Vegetarian Menu prepared by Manila Hotel’s Executive Chinese Chef Sun Bing.



Mabuhay Palace invited bloggers, with fellow WIM writers Aileen and Ross, to try out a revitalized vegetarian menu which will reflect the Chinese way of improving one’s health and nourishment through a gastronomic feast. While waiting for the feast to start we were given generous servings of Wanton Chips and hot cup of Sweet Orange Tea.



Deep Fried Wanton Chips topped with sesame seeds and caramel syrup.



Using the freshest and best vegetable produce, these dishes are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The feast started with the Vegetarian Beijing Duck.


Just look at how they prepared it! With the Confucius statuette as the centerpiece. 



You wouldn’t even know that it’s not real duck meat! It really tastes good and real, if I must say. It goes well with the sweet sauce that accompanies it.



Mabuhay Palace’s Vegetarian Beijing Duck.



 Next on the menu is the Steamed Lotus root with glutinous rice glazed with sweet Osmanthus sauce. It certainly looks like a meatloaf but doesn’t taste like one. It can pass of as a dessert dish, but it was really an appetizer type as according to our kind servers at Mabuhay Palace, the dish would help cleanse our palate and helps it to get ready for the next dish.



Mabuhay Palace’s steamed Lotus root with glutinous rice glazed and sweet Osmanthus sauce.



This one I liked! The Yin Tang Wintermelon and Spinach soup. I know you’ve heard wintermelon as a tea and the likes. But do you know that it’s upo? Well now you know! Going back to the dish the two vegetable complements one another.



I really like how they presented each dish !



This is my favorite from the menu, the Stir-fried oyster mushroom with salt and pepper. This made me ask Chef Sun Bing if it’s  made of real oysters or not! It really tastes like the real thing but was actually a vegetarian substitute. 



Plus it looks like a real Oysters too!



Next on the menu is the Stuffed Baby squash filled with vegetarian meat and mushrooms. I can still clearly remember that this dish made me think of going vegetarian – it’s that good! The baked baby squash is filled with vegetarian meats, mushrooms and chestnuts. 



I can eat this everyday!



Next up were the Stir-fried celery with black bean curd and Chinese wolfberry, Deep-fried minced bean curd with brocolli flower in brown sauce and the Braised wawa chai with chestnuts. It was served with Vegetarian Lotus wrapped fried rice.


Mabuhay Palace’s Stir-fried celery with black bean curd and Chinese wolfberry



It may be stir-friend but the healthiness of the dish would not be in question. Chinese Wolf berries are also known as Goji berries and are considered superfood by the Chinese. They even use it as one of their herbal and traditional medicine for certain illnesses.



 Braised wawa chai with chestnuts of Mabuhay Palace.


Deep-fried minced bean curd with brocolli flower in brown sauce


Vegetarian Lotus wrapped fried rice




All were good partnered with the Vegetarian Lotus wrapped fried rice. The strong aroma of the Lotus leaf would really make you devour the dishes! And of course being a self-confessed sweet tooth, I waited long enough for the dessert which is Steamed sweet Taro filled with red bean cream



A good dessert to top a really good healthy feast!



At the end of it all, my tummy was filled with foods that I know Chef Sun Bing and his staff prepared wonderfully and healthy! I cannot wait to come back and try my favorite fixtures of the menu. Mabuhay Palace is definitely the place to be if you want authentic but healthy Chinese cuisine!



The captivating interiors of Mabuhay Palace!



Oh and just for your information! Those jade panels at the photo above costs a million per panel! They were delicately made by a family in China. Bongga!

Manila Hotel’s Executive Chinese Chef Sun Bing and Executive Chinese Sous Chef Joy Tanganco-Candelaria



 Begin your bid to a healthier lifestyle and indulge in the most luxurious Chinese dining in the city. The Mabuhay Palace is Manila Hotel’s Chinese restaurant and is located at the Lobby Level .

Mabuhay Palace

Lobby level, Manila Hotel

Open for lunch from 11 AM – 2:30 PM and dinner from 6 -10 PM. 

For inquiries or reservations call 527-0011 local 1261.

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Photos by Nikko Panti



Mabuhay Palace now offers delicious Vegetarian Menu!


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