M-Bay Health Spa | Massage at its Authentic Best!

When in Manila, it’s a must to find that one-of-a-kind spa place that could knead away all the stress and anxieties that the metro life could give you. We’ve got a lot of names popping up here and there, but have you tried M-Bay Health Spa?

Tucked away in Quirino Avenue, this might just be the BIGGEST spa that I have ever been to! And though one might think that it might all be just for looks; then you are clearly mistaken! M-Bay Health Spa holds a lot of promise, and it will be a shame for you to pass up on this especially if you’re on the search for the most authentic experience of all! No need to fly to distant places to get the service that you deserve: it’s all here in Manila, right in M-Bay!

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It’s worthy to note that M-Bay isn’t exactly new. It was first introduced in 1977 at the Holiday Inn Spa. In those times, two of the best Japanese Shiatsu trainers were brought here to the Philippines to train their staff, and over the years, one of those who were well-trained had remained. This is namely, Ms. Gloria Felipe, she is currently the Master Therapist at the M-Bay Health Spa and is set to give you the best Shiatsu massage that you could ever hope for! Guaranteed!

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Ms. Gloria Felipe


Now in 1993, M-Bay moved to where it is today: in Quirino Avenue. Now in a new management, M-Bay specializes in traditional, authentic Shiatsu massage, in addition to all the other range of pampering services that they offer. They all vary in technique, areas of focus, and end results to address whatever need you may have.

M-Bay is definitely a big building, composed of 3 floors and houses a lot of rooms. There are rooms available for couples and groups (ex: common massage rooms, group massage rooms, VIP rooms), as well as Privilege Cards, Membership Cards, and Gift Certificates. There are even lots of facilities such as whirlpool, sauna/steam bath, snack bar, lounges, and big locker rooms for men and women. 

m-bay-health-spa-manila-when-in-manila (2) m-bay-health-spa-manila-when-in-manila (13)
Lobby and area Snack Bar
  m-bay-health-spa-manila-when-in-manila (23)a
TOP: Lounge/Massage area | BOTTOM: Hexa Deluxe Rooms (6)

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Common Area

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LEFT: 5-bed Massage Room | RIGHT: Thai Massage Room



m-bay-health-spa-manila-when-in-manila (19)
Royal and Premium Rooms (couple’s room)
Royal room has a steam and shower, premium rooms have showers only

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(4) Single Deluxe Rooms | (3) Twin Deluxe Rooms (could be couple’s
room) | (1) Tri Deluxe Room

 What’s even more interesting about this is that the locker room slash bathroom for men and women (separate areas) are absolutely complete with amenities and HUGE! Stress on the ‘huge’! I’m not kidding! There’s a bath, a jacuzzi, a sauna, and more! As for the little extras, you are absolutely free to abuse(? haha!) the powders, shampoos, shower gels, hand soaps, lotions, cotton buds, mouthwash, disposable toothbrush, and more!

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With the size of their establishment, you can absolutely tag your barkada or family along and book one of their rooms! Have a spa party, whenever, and with whoever!  Take note, they operate from 1PM to 1AM!