Loyal dog sent off a friend to his final resting place

Photos of this dog went viral where he sends off his master’s friend to his final resting place posted by Jervin Dela Rosa.

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In the caption, Dela Rosa wrote: “Hanggang sa muli, papa Tom. Mamimiss ka ni Ador, wala nang makakasembrits sa aso natin. Ikaw lang ang bukod tanging nakakahawak sa ilong [niya] sabay pinipisil mo pa… Hanggang sa huli, sinamahan ka pa rin.”

’Til we meet again, papa Tom. Ador will miss you, no one else can pinch our dog.

You are the only one who can touch and squeeze his nose. He walked with you ’til the end.”

Tom was one of Jervin’s friends whom they treated as family.



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In an interview with Dela Rosa, he adds that Ador the dog accompanies them while playing basketball and swimming at the beach. Afterward, he walks with each one of them on their way home which is probably why Ador naturally felt the need to send off Tom to his final resting place.

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