Love Your Enemy: Baron Geisler Kisses Kiko Matos

Baron Kiko

Looks like Baron Geisler is living the expression, “love your enemy”.

In a sudden turn of events, he stole an aggressive kiss on Kiko Matos’ lips. Geisler and Matos are confirmed to be meeting on a fight as confirmed by a previous post on MMA Philippines.

And then, in a sudden turn of events, Geisler gave Matos the dirty finger after kissing him, as if mocking him to start the fight right then and there.


Recently, Geisler and Matos got involved in a fight. According to Matos, the fight started at a bar in Quezon City when he and his friends asked Geisler to step down from the stage. Geisler then told them to get out of the bar. That’s when Matos approached him and punched him.

On the other hand, Geisler said that he didn’t know why he was attacked, and that he was only defending himself. He also claimed that he was defending a bartender Matos was accosting, which Matos denied.

What do you think of these sudden turn of events?