Lotus Pod Bed and Breakfast is Laguna’s Secluded Paradise

Do you ever find yourself living in a moment and wishing you could press PAUSE?Oh, how wonderful it would be to let these beautiful realities last a little longer. I am thankful for Lotuspod Bed and Breakfast in Bay, Laguna because I enjoyed my stay so much that I wanted time to move slower.

This secluded paradise is a place you will not easily forget. What started out as a simple backyard farm has through the years added makeshift areas under mango trees, scattered some tables and chairs, threw in some beautiful decors and soon, welcomed visitors. Just like a lotus pod, this hidden getaway has many seeds of exciting activities waiting to be discovered in its 3-hectare land.

Fall In Love with Seemingly Endless Greenery.

I fall for any destination that lets me get in touch with nature. Living in Manila, the view of tall buildings is not something I constantly look for.

I always seem to lean towards places that offer me a change of scenery. Trees, flowers, quiet corners, chirping of birds and clean air — what I wouldn’t give to have more of these delightful things in my daily life.

It felt right to spend my holidays at Lotuspod because at the end of 2019, all I wanted was to reflect on the year that has passed and hope for greener pastures in 2020.

Unwind at the Private Casitas.

Lotuspod has eight individual casita rooms that are built for ease, comfort, and privacy. The rooms are spacious and have their own private terrace with a scenic view of the rice plantations.

Each casita has its own garden and private hot spring, as well. Yes, you read right: PRIVATE HOT SPRING. I can’t emphasize enough how much I loved spending each night unwinding there. I would definitely give the casitas a 10/10.

Zipline Across the 3-Hectare Property.

One of the more thrilling parts of my stay at Lotuspod was having been able to try the zipline! I suggest doing this during the afternoon so that you can feel the cool breeze at the same time. It was nice to get a bird’s eye view of the vast property.

Enjoy Home Cooked Meals at The Pavilion.

The Pavilion is a wide covered space that is open on three sides. It has views of the garden and is a great place to relax since there are many sitting areas and it is well-ventilated.

The Pavilion is also one of my favorite spots for obvious reasons: FOOD IS LIFE. I felt at home eating dishes that reminded me of my mom’s cooking, such as sinigang and adobo.

Take Siestas at the Tree Houses.

What’s a vacation without siestas? Adults need their naps, too! Luckily, Lotuspod has many inviting treehouses that are perfect for those lazy afternoons.

Aside from having a conducive environment for afternoon power naps, these treehouses also have picturesque views perfect for that “Woke up like this” photo for your feed!

Play at the Alitaptap Garden.

Alitaptap Garden is perfect if you’re traveling with young kids. They can play at the swings and the slides, and even do a mini wall climb.

Adults can have their share of fun on the trampolines. Plus, you can explore more of Lotuspod by borrowing their bikes – free of charge! Just make sure to return them afterwards.

Get a Tan at the Swimming Pools.

It can get really warm in the afternoon, making it the perfect time to submerge yourself in the swimming pools. During the late afternoons, I also enjoyed chatting with loved ones by the warm jacuzzis.

Sink your Feet in the Dipping Pools.

Lotuspod has many surprises awaiting you at every corner. When you walk around the far end of the casitas, you’ll find a dipping pool for your feet. If you’re not into getting your feet damp, you can also sit on the parasol-covered tables across the dipping pool.

Enjoy Signature Massages at The Lotuspod Spa and Lounge.

I highly recommend booking an appointment at Lotuspod’s spa, as well. What better way to unwind than with fresh air, the trickling sound of water, and a relaxing massage?

Waiting for your turn at the spa won’t be a problem, either. Right outside the private room is a lounge area where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the pond. The view is just as gorgeous at night.

Take Photos of the Indonesian-Inspired Huts.

When you go to Lotuspod, pay close attention to the plethora of details all over the place- from the table settings to the lotus-shaped engravings on stones to the colorful designs of their comfort rooms.

The warm people working at Lotuspod shared that the different architectural designs are actually inspired by the owner’s travels to Indonesia. I must say, this particular corner really made me feel like I was in Bali.

Have a Romantic Dinner at the Hardin ng mga Tala.

Lotuspod is extra special to me because I got to spend my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend here. He surprised me with this setup at the Hardin ng mga Tala with the help of some of the staff. I enjoyed having dinner here because I’m a sucker for beautiful backyard setups with low hanging lights. Moreover, I couldn’t imagine a better place to celebrate with someone close to my heart.

Lotuspod Bed and Breakfast

2340 Kalsadang Putol St. Purok 6, Brgy. Puypuy, Bay



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