Lost Kittie Rescued from Taal Volcano is Now Purring for a Furever Home

It was the height of summer and my friends and I took advantage of the Holy Week season to finally explore Taal volcano.  Upon crossing the lake, we immediately hiked up towards the crater as we did not wish to experience noon while up on the trails.

The path up the crater of Taal volcano was dusty and hot and there were only a few shade-giving trees along the path. Holy Week trekkers had to chug water every now and then to avoid getting dehydrated.

The last thing I expected to see was this cute kitten meowing for mercy and water. It was trying to get the attention of the trekkers, it seemed. 

I picked it up and crouched where there was some shade. When I poured water on my palm, the kitten lapped the water up greedily. I believe that if I had not chanced upon this kitten, she would have died within the hour from heatstroke or dehydration.

Later at the last stop, I heard the locals talking about a litter of kittens that was dumped along the trail. Sadly, I only found one kitten. I named her Tala.

I hope that there were other animal lovers along the trail that day who also showed compassion for other lost kittens.

She has been with me for a month, kept apart from other cats in a big bird cage where Tala can swing and play to her heart’s content.

She is now ready for adoption. Be warned, however. She purrs whenever you pick her up, but she yowls loudly whenever she is hungry (which is like every hour).

Her purr is so strong, it’s like she has an engine inside her chest. If you pick her up, she will gladly rest on your chest and keep you both calm with her purring. Hope she will find her furever home with a WheninManila.com reader. 

She’s one of the sweetest kittens I have ever met. PM me if you want to meet her. We are located in Pandacan, Manila.

Photo by Chad Bryan

Do you need some good fortune in your life? Tala has lots of it, it seems. She’d be glad to share some of that magic with you! All you need to do is love her and make her a part of your family.

Potential adopters will be screened. The adopter must be willing to spay Tala this year.

Do you have a pet rescue story? Comment below and we may be able to feature it, as well!


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