Lost in the Forex wilderness? Help is at hand!


mario singh



Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced Forex trader, there is always going to be new information and strategies that can make or break your trading experience. The difficult question is, where do you go to learn these new techniques and get the support you need to trade successfully?


There are plenty of books, online guides, websites and blogs that each have their own theories and advice on Forex. The main problem with these resources is that they are usually only a one-way conversation, meaning that if you have a question you may have to wait for a reply if you even receive one at all!


This is why it’s surprising that no other Forex brokerage has offered 1-on-1 live coaching FREE for 60 days when you open and fund a live account…until now!


FXPRIMUS have launched an industry first in FXPRIMUS Coach, which provides an unmatched level of personal coaching and more for its clients. Backed by the FXPRIMUS Training & Education team, FXPRIMUS have dedicated expert coaches standing by to answer any and all questions you have on Forex inside the FXPRIMUS Coach platform.


There is a whole range of other services offered through FXPRIMUS Coach that I will go into more detail in another post. But for now you can experience FXPRIMUS Coach for 60 days for FREE if you have a live, funded account with FXPRIMUS.



To preview everything you get inside FXPRIMUS Coach just visit free forex coach.



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Lost in the Forex wilderness? Help is at hand!