Looking for a Real-Life Ghost Story? Search “Dear David’ on Twitter and Get Ready to be Freaked Out

There’s a ghost of a boy with a misshapen head following him around, says Adam Ellis, a New York-based author and illustrator. He has been using Twitter to document this ‘real-life’ haunting. His story unfolds very matter-of-factly and we can’t tell if he’s making it up or not.

He says it all started when an angry-looking boy with a dent in his head started to visit him in his dreams. He drew what he saw.

Dear-David, a ghost story told on Twitter

On another night, another person visited him and told him the boy was known as Dear David and he must never ask this boy three questions. Stick to two or else something bad will happen.

Yes, you guessed it, Adam inadvertently asked Dear David three questions.

That’s when the real hauntings happened. He films his cats staring, fascinated, at his door, as if there is someone on the other side. His polaroids refuse to develop. There are weird bumps in the night and a green chair moved by itself. He also kept receiving missed calls.

Whether you believe this story to be true or just imaginary, you have to consider that it is a story-telling masterpiece. And very creepy.

You can check out his tweets below.

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