LOOK: Veteran Mountaineer Has This to Say About “Wars”

The fast rising popularity of mountaineering had brought hope to environmentalists and the rest of the outdoor community. They (we) continue to hope that interest in the activity can bring attention to various environmental issues currently plaguing our country. From the debates on the etiquette of adventurers to discussions about places that could disappear sooner than we think, the most pressing concern for us here in Luzon is the situation at Ipo Dam.

For years, reforestation efforts and community re-integration have been conducted in the vicinity of Ipo Dam — which, needs not be said, is vital, since the place is Metro Manila’s main water source. And with the new administration’s strong campaign against drugs, veteran hiker and environmentalist Dik Arvesu of the UP Mountaineers has this to say:


via Fredd Ochavo

On a Facebook post by Pinoy Mountaineer, a photo of Dik Arvesu holding a sign saying “Bukod sa war on drugs, sana may war on deforestation din!!” is show. The photo was taken by fellow mountaineer and environmentalist Fredd Ochavo in Ipo Dam.

President Duterte said on his first SONA that climate change should be a priority and with this, on behalf of the travel and outdoor community, I hope that pressing environmental concerns be given its much needed and long overdue attention.

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