LOOK: Tyra Banks just tweeted about Catriona Gray’s Lava Walk

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten Catriona Gray’s amazing walk down the runway just yet. That self-enabled slow-motion spin (otherwise known as the Lava Walk) was enough to make the audience go crazy. 

Whether you were watching in-real-life or watching from the screen, that walk definitely made an impact. This is obvious from the immense reaction Miss Philippines got online. 

People from all over the globe were raving about it! Even supermodel, Tyra Banks. But let’s give her Tweet some context first. 

The original tweet, from @yreneaaddryvy, had a clip of Gray’s walk along with the caption: “Catriona Gray did all these. I don’t want to assume but dang this girl is such a fighter, the way she walks, the way she speaks, the way she smiles, every single thing she does? She do it at its finest. Plus I’m loving her confidence.” 

@EarleAbrenica quote then tweeted it and added: “She squeezed every second of that walk and that spotted spin, @tyrabanks will be proud!!” 

Finally, Tyra Banks saw this tweet and reacted! She went: “I mean…Pinoy Power to the Max!!!” You know you’ve made it when *the* Tyra Banks has not only noticed you but complimented you as well. 


Did you see the walk? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments! 

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