LOOK: To Pay Tribute to Rizal, Germany Has a City of Calamba Sign

In 1886, Jose Rizal celebrated his 25th birthday in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany. In this quaint town, he celebrated his special day with a Lutheran minister, Karl Ulmer, and his family.

Unknown to many, the Germans have deep attachment with Rizal. Apparently, our national hero is still remembered there.

In Wilhelmsfeld, a directional sign pointing to Rizal’s hometown of Calamba can be found.

Gideon Lasco took a photo of the sign and posted it on his Facebook page.

Germany Calamba sign

He captioned it with:

In Wilhelmsfeld, Germany, I saw this directional sign to the City of Calamba, paying tribute to the hometown of Jose Rizal, who spent a few months in this rural mountain village.

Calamba should truly be proud of being the cradle of our national hero. Rizal has become “boring” to young people because he is a “requirement” in elementary and high school, but there is so much to celebrate about his life and the city of Calamba can take the lead in celebrating him.

And Calamba should be inspired to go beyond Rizal. There’s more to it than Pansol and I hope its leaders can put their act together so that the city could live up to its honored place in our country – and the world.

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