LOOK: This Wristband With Refillable Sanitizer Makes Disinfecting Much Safer and Easier

Do you ever feel paranoid now when you step out, thinking of all the bacteria or viruses that are around but we can’t see? You are not alone. Since the pandemic erupted, Filipinos have now been more hygiene-conscious. A local survey even discovered that Pinoys now wash their hands more than before.

When we’re out of the house, alcohols and sanitizers are our protection. The help keep our hands germs and bacteria-free. But here’s the problem—everytime you need to use your sanitizer, you have to reach inside your purse or bag, feel around for it, take off its cap, and put it back inside. In this process of sanitizing your hands, do you realize how many personal items of yours you’ve already touched and possibly contaminated? Which almost defeats your purpose of “sanitizing.”

This was exactly the concern two Filipinos had, which was how their line of BORVO Bands was born.


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BORVO Bands are adjustable silicone wristbands that come with a slot for a sanitizer spray bottle. Worn on your wrist, BORVO Bands give you easy access to your sanitizer, so you don’t risk contaminating your personal items when you need to disinfect either your hands or any item or surfaces you need to touch while outdoors. Each BORVO Band comes with three refillable spray bottles, which also makes them sustainable.

BORVO Bands are a product of BORVO, a Filipino startup company that designs and creates innovative wearables. This patent-pending product is an innovation by two friends — Aaros Cabrera, a Business Economics Major graduate, and Johndolf Magtibay, a Licensed Mechanical Engineer.

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Engr. Magtibay tells the story of how the idea for BORVO bands struck them. “The idea started last March 13, 2020, when I was withdrawing money from the ATM. Amidst the lockdown, I became anxious after pushing the ATM buttons and immediately searched for my sanitizer bottle in my bag and pockets. While looking for it I’ve noticed that it took a lot of my time and what’s worse is that I’ve already contaminated a lot of objects inside, making my attention to hygiene, pointless. And that’s when I immediately thought of, why not make a wearable wristband sanitizer that is always ready within my reach? Coincidentally, the day after that, one of my best friends, Aaros, invited me to start a business with him with a product that can help with the global pandemic. I pitched him the idea and that’s when we both started to develop BORVO Bands.”

BORVO Bands BORVO Wear sanitizer wristbandPhoto: BORVO Bands

BORVO Bands are made from silicone and other quality materials that are easily washed and disinfected. Featuring a sleek and stylish design, they are available in three colors: Midnight Black, Summit White, and Shamrock Green for P749 each. BORVO will soon offer pepper spray cartridge add-ons that can be also installed on the BORVO bands.

BORVO is a brand based in Batangas City but they ship nationwide and worldwide. BORVO Bands have made it all the way to Italy and Austria.

To get your own BORVO Bands, head to the links below.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/borvowear
Instagram: @borvowear
Website coming soon: www.borvowear.com

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