LOOK: This Unique Food Jeep Was Started By A Former Flight Attendant

When the health crisis hit even the biggest industries, a lot of people lost their jobs. We saw the rise of many homegrown businesses and many people had the opportunity to create their very own brand. As some kind of a silver lining, we also had the opportunity to witness how creative Filipinos can be when it comes to starting something new.

One great example we’ve seen is Eggluck, a food jeep that’s basically a Pinoy version of the food truck.

Eggluck was started by Angel Luck Pedro, a 29-year-old former flight attendant who was unfortunately retrenched after 4 years with an international airline. Upon coming back to her hometown in Ilocos Norte, she decided to start afresh and establish her own business.

Eggluck’s main menu features the trending Korean egg sandwich in six different variants. Angel shares with WhenInManila.com that she was first inspired by seeing people lining up in South Korea and L.A. just to get a taste of the egg sandwich. Since no one was offering the product in her province, she decided to bring it closer to her hometown.

With a product like theirs, it would have made sense for her to just operate the business from the comforts of her home. But Angel decided to take it a step further.

She revealed that one of the reasons she decided to put up her food business in the iconic jeepney was to support the jeepney drivers who were, unfortunately, prohibited to operate during the pandemic.

Angel wanted to show the country and the world that the traditional jeepneys can also be turned into something new. She also decided to highlight the iconic vehicle to keep them from phasing out. From your first look at her food jeep, you can definitely see the huge potential of creating our very own version of the food truck.

Angel also shares that her innovative food jeep was received warmly by her hometown. Most of her customers were surprised that she was able to turn an ordinary jeepney into a new business venture.

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Eggluck goes around mostly in Ilocos Norte. They’ve also been collaborating with other local businesses that can provide them with a parking space, and even local drink shops that could offer beverages to partner with their egg sandwiches.

When asked if we could see Eggluck roaming around the roads of Metro Manila anytime soon, Angel answers, “Honestly, I don’t think we could drive that far from here using the jeepney. Ilocos to Manila is [an] 8-hour drive. But anything is possible. I am hoping that I could build one, too, there in the Metro—same as my concept.”

We would definitely love to see the Metro Manila version of this cool food jeep!

The Eggluck food jeep is an amazing example of how new and unique concepts can emerge in moments of perseverance and determination. Pinoy pride is real!

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