LOOK: This unicorn pupper will melt your heart

What’s better than puppies and unicorns? A unicorn pupper!

Meet Narwhal, a rescue puppy in a Missouri dog rescue group with a tail growing right out of the middle of his forehead!

Unicorn pupper

The organization specializes in helping injured or abused pets find safe, loving homes. While Narwhal isn’t up for adoption yet (he still has to grow a bit and they have to observe the tail on his forehead), he’s already stolen the hearts of the internet and people all over the world wanna take him home.

The tail doesn’t function nor is it connected to anything, it just makes him ten times more adorable! We love you, Narwhal!

Please always remember to follow your pupper assembly instructions, people! Jokes aside, you can follow Narwhal’s journey here:


We can’t wait for you to be in a happy, loving home, bb. Hoping for the best for you, Narwhal! You’ve truly warmed our hearts. <3

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