LOOK: This Twitter user shares love letters from the 1980’s

With the efficiency and availability of technology – which is pretty much accessible to and for everyone nowadays, professing love has taken its quicker route through instant messaging. Back for earlier generations, love letters were the way to go. The joy of seeing the mailman arriving in front of your house delivering a letter just for you is incomparable – as well at the excitement your heart feels as you open the envelope that contains the sweet nothings from your significant other. Love language may be different then and now, but love that is destined to be together – will always prevail.

Twitter user Gian Pimentel took it to her Twitter account how she was inspired by the love story of her parents that started in the 1980’s. She shared photos of letters dated back in 1987.

Gian Pimentel Tweet Love Letter 3 Love Letter 2 Love Letter 1

With a conservative dating culture the Philippines had back then, it was normal that ‘being together’ had to be held back until one completes his/her studies.

Pimentel Parents 1 Pimentel Parents 4
Photos above show the happy couple enjoying a holiday a couple of years back (then)

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Gian for further details.

“They’ve been friends since high school ‘cos they were classmates and they were pretty much close even till they got older. My dad wasn’t the type who would really express his affection for someone cos he’s more of a quiet/shy kind of guy but they’ve been there for each other ever since. I guess the main thing that hit me about their story was how they were always there for each other ’til the right time came for them to get married. I remember being heartbroken about this girl I’ve always loved since high school and [my dad] came up to me one time and told me something like “Gian, don’t take everything heavily. It takes time and you really have to focus on yourself first. The rest will follow when you get older, you don’t have to rush things.” I guess because of my dad, I realized that patience din talaga is importance in a relationship. You don’t always have to give up on someone just because it’s not meant to happen now, because it still can happen in the future.”

Pimentel Parents 2 Pimentel Parents 3

The couple was captured sharing a goofy moment together (now).

“They’ve been married for 23 years already. They’re so cute, I love them!”

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