LOOK: This Twitter user computed the chances of finding ‘the one’ based on numbers

There are times when we are left wondering how and when we’ll find the right person for us. With over a billion people living in the world, who can possibly catch our heart’s desires? What are the chances? Love is a game one is willing to gamble and take risks, but what exactly are the possibilities and probabilities?

Netizen Angel Dei took it to her Twitter account how she jokingly computed the statistics of finding “one’s true love” in the Philippines. She also claims that she has done her research.

She also acknowledged the ‘f*ckboy’s. A ‘f*ckboy’ is a millennial term defined by a boy who likes to play and sleep around with different women.

She also considers the lifestyles and preferences of others, such as being a work-a-holic and those who aren’t ready to commit to a relationship.

In the end, she concludes that one may not end up finding a significant other because of “choosiness”.

Netizens have drawn humor and amusement with Angel’s tweets for her efforts of computing and laying the cards down of meeting one’s soulmate based on the research she found.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to her for further details.

“Well, I really don’t think I’m a love guru; lol. I just had a lot of experiences when it comes to relationships. Also, a big factor is my ex who died almost 2 years ago. Until now I’m still single.”

Based on her tweets, Angel is fond of creating threads on her Twitter account where she openly shares many of her thoughts. One of them is her ‘TOTGA’, or “The One That Got Away”.

What inspired her to dig up some research for her most recent thread?

“I was really curious, kung anong mas marami, lalake o babae. Tapos naisip ko ang tagal ko na kasing single sa dami ng lalake wala parin akong mahanap.”

(Rough translation: I was really curious if there are more males or females. Then, I thought, I am single for a long time, there were boys, yet I still couldn’t find someone.)

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