LOOK: This socially-distanced concert had private viewing areas 6 feet apart

Social distancing is more important than ever nowadays, what with the threat of COVID-19 spreading. Events where large numbers of people are expected to attend are highly discouraged in order to keep everyone safe.

However, this Sam Fender concert in the United Kingdom found ways around that, allowing attendees to have their own elevated metal areas that are 6 feet apart from other private viewing areas. Each area allowed a limited seating capacity in order to deter any interaction that was too close for comfort and safety.

Look at the viewing areas below:

Large gatherings increase the chances of contracting COVID-19 but these concert handlers really tried their best to find a workaround for it. Making sure that each viewing area was 6 feet apart was crucial in the design of the concert area in Unity Arena, Newcastle, United Kingdom.

As we hope for a new normal, we hope for more responsibility and sensitivity in terms of gatherings, too. Stay home if you can and if you must, remember to keep a good social distance.

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