LOOK: This Ring Has a Record-Breaking Number of Diamonds

Guinness World Records reported that SWA Diamonds have broken the record for the most diamonds set in one ring! The Indian retailer named it “The Touch of Ami”.

In Sanskrit, “Ami” means “immortality”. This was the theme of the design that was based on the pink oyster mushroom to represent longevity!

touch of ami

Photo from Guinness World Records

Its one-of-a-kind shape consists of 41 unique mushroom petals with each one studded with natural diamonds all around, meticulously placed by hand. Then, they are supported by a circular band that’s also partially studded!

To count the diamonds and confirm the clarity, carat, weight, type, and cut type, a microscope was used and confirmed that a total of 24,679 diamonds were placed on the ring.

This broke the previous record set by Harshit Bansal of Renani Jewels (also in India) in 2020, with the “Marigold” which contains 12,638 diamonds.

According to SWA Diamonds, “Ami” weighs 340 grams and has a value of £79,967 (roughly Php 5.3 million).

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