LOOK: This Phenomenal Photo of the Moon Took 72 Shots to Complete

Photographer Edwin Martinez recently shared the product of his labor of love on Facebook. Focusing on the details of the moon, the result of a combined 72 photos showcases an unreal view of the moon.

He shares on his post that the final image took 3 days to complete, all so that it would clearly convey the high-quality details of the moon. It is a total of 72 photos taken with the Canon EOS R (at 1.6x digital crop) and EF 600mm lens last April 4, 2020.


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“The 72 photos were manually aligned and I did a mean and average stack so I can squeeze all the details that I could in [post-production],” he explains. “The colors I believe are more apparent if it’s not above 80% illumination, I just tweaked the white balance a bit.”

He recommends viewing the photo through a laptop or larger screen to fully appreciate the details!

Check out the rest of Edwin’s photos here, and his social media accounts here.

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