LOOK: This Machine Makes Milk for Your Baby

If there is something that parents dread, it’s probably waking up in the middle of the night just to make milk for their little one. Luckily, we found this machine that can make milk with just a touch of a button. We searched high and low for this machine and it’s on Shopee!


The Baby Breeza formula maker automatically mixes, heats, and dispenses ready milk for your little one. 


The machine can be customized depending on the size of the bottle and preferred temperatures. It can accommodate 2-10 oz bottles and has 3 temperatures to choose from.


The machine works well with different formula brands and different bottles. The patented mixing technology makes sure that the milk has the perfect water to milk consistency. 


The powder container is airtight to make sure that it stays clean and safe for your child.

With just a press of a button, you get a bottle in approximately 10seconds. 

What are you waiting for? Check it out here!