LOOK: This local brand sells cute celestial pieces at an affordable price!

They say life is too short to wear boring accessories. Even our very own Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray takes her accessory gaming over the top, and as Michael Kors once said, they are “the exclamation point to a woman’s outfit.” This inspired me to look for beautiful pieces that would complete my #OOTDs without breaking the bank. Fortunately, I found out about ‘Tala By Kyla’.

TALA by Kyla is a local brand that sells cute celestial pieces at an affordable price! Their designs are inspired by heavenly bodies and even the way they combine the elements together is aesthetically pleasing.

This star and moon ensemble reminds me of Sailor Moon, that’s why it became my instant fave!

Check out how it looks like when worn in this picture:

These necklaces are so extra that they can effortlessly transform a simple black outfit to make you sparkle and stand out.

You can even wear your star sign with their celestial constellation necklaces!

Besides necklaces, they also have earrings and bracelets… and you can even go matchy-matchy with your best friend!

The price ranges from Php 185 to Php 499 depending on the item and design.

Among TALA by Kyla collections are pearls like this one…

…and by profession like these:

"?????? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?? ????????? ????." Swipe left to see the new pieces in our Profession Collection! ?

Posted by TALA by Kyla on Thursday, December 12, 2019

What I love the most about these accessories is that they don’t just complete the details of your look, they also add personality to your style! And that’s exactly what accessories should be. They should let you express yourself – who you are and the things you love – through what you wear.

TALA by Kyla

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