LOOK: This is the Perfect Wallet for your Travels

When it comes to travelling, it’s always advisable to travel light. Bringing too much stuff can slow you down or, worse, make you prone to losing more items. That’s a case you want to avoid when it comes especially to your wallet. A local company called Bisqit Wallets wants to prevent that from happening and created a product that is both useful and eco-friendly.

Bisqit Wallets is a compact wallet that is made out of dead wood. Its lightness will allow you to carry around only the things you need with ease, which hugely differs from bulky wallets.   

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This product comes with two wooden borders and an elastic band. It works similarly to a clipper: you simply insert what you would be bringing between the two woods and snap it tight with the band. You can opt to put your pocket money here, along with a few cards.  

Buying Bisqit Wallets allows you to choose a color for the band (I chose yellow and black), but you’ll love it even more because you can customize the wallet by engraving your name on it! Just add PHP 50.00 for this service and you’ll have your personalized wallet in no time! 

If you’re worried about its effectiveness in holding your things together, I can vouch for you that it really is safe. The band is actually placed in an indented area where it’s stationary, and since the band is essentially tight, it guarantees that the content won’t come off. I even tried shaking the wallet aggressively and none of my items (including the band) fell. 


For just PHP 300.00, let’s support local. For sure, your adventures will be made even safer with Bisqit Wallets. 


Bisqit Wallets 

Order here: goo.gl/forms/HLmR4SQm3G10K1D72 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.bisqit/
Instagram: @the.bisqit 

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