LOOK: This Handy Plant-based Sanitizer Cleans and Moisturizes!

Spread kindness, not germs

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I believe that good hygiene is important, whether or not there’s a Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. That’s why I always keep a bottle of alcohol or sanitizer with me, and I wash my hands regularly.

The problem though is that all the panic buying because of Covid-19 resulted in a mass shortage of sanitizers and alcohol in the grocery. And now that we need to keep clean more than ever, I turn to online shops for an alternative source.

Enter Clean PH, an Instagram store that sells natural disinfectants. Their products are biodegradable (except for the packaging), and safe for humans and pets. And unlike the usual commercial sanitizers, Clean PH uses plant-based ingredients. Instead of alcohol, they use an essential plant extract called Quaternary Ammonium Compound, or QAC for short. It’s a plant-based surface disinfectant that can be found in dishwashing liquids, hand soaps, and even in baby care products, to name a few. This anti-bacterial compound makes up Clean PH’s products, along with a water-based scent and distilled water.

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Natural and Effective Products

Clean PH’s products all feature a refreshing and light lemongrass scent. Each one is packed in a clear plastic bottle, and you can even personalize yours with a logo or name— just like what I did with mine! Their products include:

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Hand Spray (P60 for the 30mL bottle, and P110 for the 60mL bottle)

A natural hand sanitizer with the light scent of lemongrass! When sprayed on hands, it doesn’t feel sticky like other sanitizers. Plus, you don’t need to worry about it leaving a sticky film because it feels light, does not dry skin or hands, and kills germs all the same. Now that’s effective!

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Room Spray (P550 for 500mL)

A light lemongrass scent that you can spray in your room or even on linen. Since it’s made with water-based ingredients, it doesn’t leave any stains on furniture and can be sprayed anywhere. Clean PH even offers a bottle and a mini funnel with your order so that you can transfer it easily and bring it around.

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Car Spray (P150 for 100mL)

A pocket-sized spray that you can use in cars. Just like the room spray, it doesn’t leave any stains because it’s made of water-based ingredients. It sanitizes and adds a fresh scent, and fun fact—it even doubles as a mosquito repellant because those pesky bugs can’t stand the smell of lemongrass!

In times of great need, I think that we should not only support small businesses, but we should also make the switch to natural. Not only does this benefit our bodies, but it also helps the environment. And with a product that is both natural and effective (plus affordable), what’s stopping you?

Clean PH

Instagram: @clean_ph

Facebook: Clean PH

Mobile: 0917-192-5789

Email: inquiry.cleanph@gmail.com

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