LOOK: This Guy Loves Running So Much He Ran in 2 Continents in 1 Day

When you really love something, you don’t get tired doing it even it actually is tiring to do.

Jael Wenceslao, an all-around good guy who strongly advocates for running, shared this photo of himself running in Central Park in New York City.

What is cool about it is the back story of this photo.

jael wenceslao running

He shares:

Want to hear/read something crazy?

5 AM. Sunrise run – Mont Royal Park in Montreal (Canada). 9 degrees. 10K.

11:30 AM. Fly to NY.

8 PM. Sunset run – Central Park in New York (USA). 23 degrees. 10K.

Yup, I ran in two continents, in one day. A first for me. Don’t ask me why; ask me if I wore the same shorts. Yes, I did. And they stank in NY.

I crave for days like today. Life isn’t about being bored, or being put in a box and given labels. Go do something crazy once in a while. Smash that box; erase that label. Just make sure you wear clean shorts – or spray Lysol.

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