LOOK: This Girl Makes Customized Stickers and They’re Adorable!

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor
Photos by Michelle Neri

It’s always extra special when you receive personalized gifts from your friends, especially when they took the time and effort to create and give it to you. Most of the customized gifts have your name embroidered on them or have your picture included. Nowadays, people are so creative and can turn almost every single thing into something uniquely adorable! From wallets, bags, caps, towels, and even cakes; these can now be personalized! And just recently, we met someone who is very artistic and talented when it comes to doing customized stickers! This girl found out a new and artsy way to show love and appreciation to your friends and loved ones!

Martines Stickers 1

Martine De Jesus started making adorable customized stickers for her friends before she even considered selling them. According to her, it has been her passion to draw ever since she was a little girl. She wanted to practice her own art style. With the support of her friends, she was able to showcase her art creations on the group Ateneo Trade. From then on, people began telling her to make a customized set of mini-me stickers. Orders came in and more people started loving her designs.

Martines Stickers 10

Martines Stickers 9

Martine De Jesus is very particular in her designs. As a matter of fact, she wants her customized stickers not only to look like mini versions of her friends but also to show their fun personalities. In the same way, if you want to give your friends or significant other mini-me versions of personalized stickers, you can personally request Martine to do stickers showing their fashionista, sporty, and even their quirkiest side! Just name it!

Martines Stickers 7

Martines Stickers 11 e1557370108262

Look! Martine really made this picture sparkle with its twin mini-me sticker!

Martines Stickers 6

Martines Stickers 12

She also did well duplicating this photo of her friend Angela when she was part of their softball team in Ateneo.

Martines Stickers 3

Martines Stickers 13 e1557370702561

This photo is actually my fave! Martine made a customized sticker for this one and it looks so cute and funny!

Through her customized stickers, her goal is to make people happy and their day better. With personalized stickers like these, people can treasure moments and look back to the happy memories they’ve shared with their friends and loved ones.

Martines Stickers 2

“My inspiration comes from my friends and family because most of my ideas start from wanting to draw them in different ways.

But if we’re talking in terms of other artists who inspire me, some are my friends: Gianne Encarnacion, Alex Filart, and Kat Roldan–they all have different styles and I just really love seeing the pieces they make,” Martine said when asked where she got her inspiration to continue doing her superb art.

Martines Stickers 14 e1557372171379

Martines Stickers 5

Martines Stickers 15

Martine De Jesus is looking forward to reaching many people and to establish her own brand and art style. Aside from customized stickers, she also creates watercolor portraits/caricatures, and stickers inspired by childhood cartoons like Spiderverse stickers and Pokemon stickers. So if you want to give your friends or significant other a gift that is surely for keeps, just tap Martine and she’d love to do customized stickers for you!


Instagram Account: @mdjdoodles

Email Address: mdjdoodles@gmail.com