LOOK: This Filipino Couple’s “Game of Thrones” Themed Pre-Nup Shoot is GOALS

Words by Bea Lizarondo Soliman

As the season finale is closely approaching, a vast number of Game of Thrones followers are occupying the days foregoing April 14 by immersing themselves once again in George R. R. Martin’s Seven Kingdoms. Some are rereading the volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, while some are rewatching the past seven seasons on television.

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Photo: Lito Sy

However, for the newly-wed partners Darren and Lucky Weidmann, the best course of action to have done this immersion was through taking the roles of the characters, specifically Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, in their very own prenuptial shoot in Batanes.

Watch this Game of Thrones-themed pre-wedding teaser here:


Upon choosing both prenuptial and wedding themes, it is usual for partners to settle for more classical romantic or vintage rustic ones, but, as is established, this couple is not exactly an ordinary couple.

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When asked about the reason behind settling on the unconventional theme, Darren said that when Lucky and him first began dating, he was already requesting her to watch the series with him; however, she had been putting it off. It was only when they took a trip to the United Kingdom, where Darren finally bent the knee in proposal, that she eventually complied to his request. The two ended up enjoying the series to such a great extent that they both decided on making it their theme. Lucky even bleached her brunette tresses to replicate Khaleesi’s light blonde locks for both the photo session and the wedding!

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Photo: Lito Sy

In the subject of shooting location, there was no rough narrow-sea crossing involved prior to Darren and Lucky’s photoshoot, which was led by the renowned Lito Sy, as it happened in the country’s very own Land of the True Insulars: Batanes.

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Photo: Lito Sy

The archipelago province’s verdant appearance, which is reminiscent of the Frostfang Mountains in Westeros or the forests of the North, was enough to balance out the crude and medieval concept that the couple chose, giving even the Game of Thrones shooting locations, such as Croatia and Iceland, a run for their money.

“Batanes had all the elements that we needed for our Game of Thrones-themed photoshoot. It had wonderful mountains that looked like the North, beaches and stones that resembled Dragonstone, and old houses that complimented the medieval feel,” Lucky added.

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Whether you be a Game of Thrones fanatic or not, we are certain that you will be left at a lost for words as you feast your eyes upon this couple’s engagement photographs. View a few of them below:


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Photo: Lito Sy

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Photo: Lito Sy

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Photo: Lito Sy

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Photo: Lito Sy

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Photo: Lito Sy

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Photo: Lito Sy

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Photo: Lito Sy

Would you do a Game of Thrones pre-nup shoot as well? Tell us what you think the comments!