LOOK: This Eco-Friendly Station Refills Your Favorite Bottled Sauces to Help Minimize Waste

In the recent years, more and more Filipinos are becoming environmentally conscious. As environmental groups around the globe emphasize the importance of sustainable solutions to help preserve earth, which is now in a critical state, it is amazing to see how many Filipinos have stepped up and joined the green revolution — even in their own little ways like switching to more eco-friendly and sustainable products. After all, every little effort counts.

And it’s not just individual Pinoys. It’s incredible to see Filipino brands, both big and small, follow suit and make their own efforts as well to help preserve our environment.

One such major corporation is NutriAsia, the leading producer of sauces and condiments here in the Philippines. Since 2019, the company has been slowly shifting to more sustainable solutions and green initiatives for their products.

Nutriasia BYOB New Normal 1The BYOB (Bring Your Own Bote) Station

In an effort to promote a zero-waste lifestyle, NutriAsia launched BYOB or Bring Your Own Bote — a project that aims to support sustainability. In line with this project, they built the BYOB store, the first and currently only branded condiments refilling station in the Philippines. Amazing! The BYOB store first launched in July 2019, and now it’s back, better than ever, with newly applied health protocols for the safety of both the BYOB staff and their customers.

Now, Filipinos can have their favorite NutriAsia sauces and condiments refilled anytime, while minimizing waste. No need to buy a new bottle each time you finish your favorite sauce!

Here’s how the refilling process at the BYOB station works:

1. Fill out the BYOB order and refilling form here.

2. Once the form is filled and submitted, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail that you need to show at the BYOB station.

3. Hand over your bottle at the station so they can be sterilized, refilled, and weighed. Make sure the bottles you bring are empty, clean, and dry!

4. After weighing, cashless payment can be made through GCash or BPI.

5. Once payment is settled, your bottle will be refilled, and voila! You have a fresh bottle of your favorite NutriAsia sauce or condiment again.

If you don’t have your own bottle yet, don’t worry! You can get a new 500ml glass bottle at the BYOB station for only P20. All bottles are sterilized well for your safety.

Nutriasia BYOB UV Sterilizer 1UV sterilization in place at the BYOB station

Speaking of safety, the BYOB station also has health protocols in place to make sure everyone has a safe experience while getting their bottles refilled. Colorful floor markers are located outside the BYOB store to ensure social distancing, as well as an alcohol dispenser with a foot pedal for non-contact use. The BYOB staff are equipped with a PPE, face mask, face shield, and a hair cap, and all bottles undergo sterilization before getting refilled.

Ready to have your favorite NutriAsia sauces and condiments refilled? Head on to the BYOB station located at The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City. Now, Filipinos can take one step further into living a zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle, and contribute to protecting our environment, one bottle at a time.

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