LOOK: This Curated Dessert Box is the Perfect Gift for the Sweetheart in Your Life

Photos by Michelle Neri

Need a fresh gift idea that isn’t just run-of-the-mill? Something personal but still super sweet? Why not say “I love you” with a curated dessert box for the sweetest heart in your life?

Introducing SucrĂ© Studio, the experts in classy gift-giving with a touch of sweetness. SucrĂ© creates customized boxes of sweets and treats depending on who you want to give it to. Is the sweet tooth in your life mad for chocolate? They’ll be sure to add in some local artisanal chocolates. Maybe they’re a cookie lover? The box will be full of baked goods, made fresh for your loved one. SucrĂ©’s got everyone covered.

Maybe you need a mother’s day gift this May? Already done. SucrĂ©’s Mother’s Day box is sweet in taste and in heart, the sentiment almost as touching as the sweet chocolate, as refined as the wine, and as classy as the cheese and grapes in the golden tin (with its own matching fork!). As if to one-up themselves further, they add beautiful little cards, personalized cookies (the super mom cookie is adorable and delicious), and beautiful sprigs of flowers. A+ for taste and presentation.

We at WIM especially loved the adorable WIM macaron (which we have named the WIMacaron)! We thought it was such a sweet personal touch, a running theme in all of their boxes. Sweet, personalized, and sophisticated. The sweetheart-sweet-tooth in your life won’t be able to resist!

We especially love the rustic look of the box paired with the ribbons. There’s an old charm about the boxes that only adds to the experience of these gifts. It’s not just a gift box, it’s also definitely the experience of opening it up and going through everything. That added layer of kilig when we think about how someone put thought into what they were adding into a box makes it all the sweeter.

Each handpicked treat can say something about your loved one if you like. This box for a couple’s anniversary nearly made me cry with how thoughtful it was (Peep the macaron in the corner–can you say awww!?). Travel-themed and perfectly curated for this couple’s adventures together, my heart just melts. This is just one of the many ways you can mix-and-match your boxes to show your love. <3

This is the perfect gift for the sweet tooth in your life who might be juuuust a tad bit sentimental. Not only will they love the snacks that were so lovingly picked out for them (whilst supporting local products!), they’ll love that you were so thoughtful with it. It’s one thing to go out to your nearest drugstore to pick up a chocolate bar but it’s something else to show up with a classy-looking box full of what they love. They’re definitely sure to love it.

What’re you waiting for? Get to gifting!

Sucré Studio

Facebook: facebook.com/sucrestudio.ph/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sucre.studio/

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