LOOK: This Cat-like Creature Might Be a New Species Soon!

If you’re a cat person, then this news will be a delight to hear because there might be a new species of a cat-like mammal soon. The cat-fox as they call it has long been considered to be a myth among the locals. They look pretty much like your regular pet cats. What sets them apart is that they are bigger, they have very wide ears, short whiskers, and highly-developed canine teeth. Aside from that, they have stripes on the front legs, black rings around the tail, and a dense coat made to protect them from fleas and ticks. What gave them the moniker cat-fox is their size and tail.

cat fox 2

Although the first cat-fox was caught years ago, it was only recently when scientists were able to determine its genetic makeup. Even then, there are still a lot of details about the animal that we have yet to discover such as its diet and origins.

The people over at the National Hunting and Wildlife Office have captured and re-released 12 of the 16 cat-foxes roaming around the island. They hope that these animals will become a protected species soon.

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