LOOK: This Avengers display at Toycon made us cry!

The events of Infinity War have left many of us scarred, for sure. We watched faves fade away, beloved characters just blip out because of that grape kool-aid thumb Thanos and his dumb golden glove. (I’m still hurting, obviously)

It seems like the pain hasn’t let up, either. What with all the memes going around and the constant jokes, can we ever escape the pain? Maybe one day we’ll be de-sensitized. Today is not that day.

Twitter user @DAINTY spotted this admittedly-clever but still painful display at Toycon. Yo, this still hurts. :'( But maybe we need to be reminded that even the best fall down sometimes. If our heroes can be wiped out of existence but still come back to do a sequel of their movie, we can do anything, too!

This clever display was put together by Gianne Garcia!

Check out the tweet here:

Sigh. Can 2019 please come faster?

Did this hurt you, too? Let us know!


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