LOOK: This Attack on Titan Manga Is Sized to Fit the Hands of the Titans

Japanese publishing company Kodansha is printing “the biggest comic book of all time” – one that would perfectly fit the hands of Eren Jaeger’s Attack Titan form and other 15-meter titans, too. This comes as a salute to “Attack on Titan” being one of the biggest manga hits of the past decade, whose final chapter will be released next month.

Screen Shot 2021 03 08 at 12.46.22 AM

The colossal manga is reportedly larger than the current record holder of the world’s biggest comic book in the Guinness World Records measuring 101 centimeters (3.3 feet) in length by 71.5 centimeters in width. Meanwhile, it weighs 13.7 kilograms (30.2 pounds).

Screen Shot 2021 03 08 at 12.47.03 AM

Only 100 copies of the Titan-sized manga were printed because they were dedicated specifically to the “hardest of hardcore fans.” It contains the first two chapters of AoT and currently priced at 150,000 yen (around PHP 70,000). Two days after its release, it appears that it has been sold out from the Kodansha Online Store.

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Attack on Titan Titan-Sized Manga Cover

How much do you love AoT? Would you spend PHP 70k for this AoT Titan-sized manga? Tell us in the comments!

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