LOOK: This artist reimagined Disney princesses as Pokemon trainers!

Two very important things shaped a lot of our childhood: Pokemon and Disney. So seeing them together like this sort of blows our minds a little.

Artist Pavlover over on Deviant art (check out their beautiful art and more Disney characters reimagined as Pokemon trainers here!) has given our favorite Disney characters their own roster of Pokemon and even dressed them as trainers! While they retain most of their most iconic features, some aspects have been tweaked to better fit the fun world of Pokemon!

Each character has their own team, all tailored to the character’s personality. My personal favorite is Vanellope having Missingno because, you know, glitch.

I also love Moana’s pokemon and super cute design. Or maybe because I love Moana by default.

And we love all of Cinderella’s mice!

Check out the rest below!

 More characters on the artist’s page here!

Did you like these reimaginings? Let us know!

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