LOOK: This Artist Re-Imagines Your Favorite Snacks As People And They Look Good

If there’s a group of people with the super ability to re-imagine even the simplest things, that would be artists. Fortunately, their skills gives us the opportunity to see what goes on in their minds.

Recently, there has been a trend of artists sketching out random things and brands in human form. Have you ever imagined what snacks would look like if they were people? Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer because an artist has sketched it out for us to see.

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Artist “Nekokonut” posted his illustrations on Facebook–along with funny captions from her friends. Take a look:

oishi illustrationPhoto from Nekokonut

OISHI’nt he loooooovelyyyy ♪♫♪

piattos illustrationPhoto from Nekokonut

Mamahalin ka na PiATTOS di ka pa iiwan :’)

nova illustrationPhoto from Nekokonut

I want NOVAdy but u

tostillas illustrationPhoto by Nekokonut

I want TOSTILLA(S) heart <33333

I think they all look spot on! People have also commented that these guys actually look good. It’s amazing how Nekokonut was actually able to capture the characteristic of each unique snack and put it in human form!

This just made me look at snacks with a whole new level of depth.

What did you think of these personified snacks? Share it with us!

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