LOOK: This 24-Year-Old Has Been To 44 Provinces In Less Than Two Years

Whoever said that you have to quit your job in order to engage in #wanderlust is definitely not this girl.

Kezia Guerrero proves us all that it’s possible to visit beautiful destinations even when you’re an average 20-something millennial. She does Marketing for a start-up company on weekdays; while on weekends, she’s out there exploring the wonders of our country.

At present, she has already been to 44 out of the 81 provinces in the Philippines. Yup, she ticked off the half in just less than two years. You go, girl!

Check out her #travelgoals photos here.

Hindi ka lang pala sa ere pwedeng iwanan, sa dagat din. ????

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“So, how does she do it?”, you may ask. Since her weekdays are pretty much as busy as ours because of work, Kez makes do with weekends, vacation leaves and holidays.

As you might already know, the price gets more expensive as it gets closer to the date. So, she plans her travels and schedules efficiently in order to book flights and accommodations ahead of time.

“Life’s a beautiful, fleeting thing. Make the most out of everything.”

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The journey may be a bit rocky, but hey I’m just swingin’ ????

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She has also tried booking agencies, joining groups, traveling with friends, and going away solo. Instead of always staying in hotels when traveling, she spends nights in transient rooms, bed and breakfast spaces and camping tents.

After all, she doesn’t go to all these places to lounge, but to immerse herself in new cultures, feast on local cuisines, and find serenity in serendipity. 

“So this is what it feels like.”

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I guess the rest of us don’t have any excuses anymore for not being able to travel. Time to pack those bags and check out those seat sales!

How many provinces have you been to? Tell us in the comments.


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