LOOK: These flirty, lightweight lashes are sure to bring your makeup looks to the next level

I think all of us have scrutinized our lashes and wished they were longer and more voluminous at least once. I’ve tried everything–from oils to lash serums to lash treatments. And while sometimes I can talk myself into thinking that they’re working, a lot of the time they aren’t. Those few weeks of joy I have when I have lash extensions or treatment are fleeting even if they are euphoric.

This is why the next best step is to have falsies you can rely on so you’re sure to have the perfect, flirty lashes any time you need them.

Faboulash has a great range of lashes that go from very natural for your day-to-day to very wispy and dramatic if you feel like going full-glam for a look. Maybe you’re feeling something long but dainty or something cross-hatched and sultry, whatever your mood, Faboulash has a lash for you.

Faboulash 13

Faboulash 15

Lashes can really complete a look. When I watch beauty gurus put on a gorgeous eyeshadow look, the moment their lashes are on is the most magical part.

It really takes a 10/10 to an 11. Makes all the difference. It just delivers that extra pow of attitude that everyone needs when it comes to their makeup. That little flourish at the end is just as important as all the building blocks that brought you there, honey.

Faboulash has quite a lot to choose from. I tried on a few and here are my absolute favorite ones:

Faboulash 3

Faboulash 5

Style 910 is nice and natural, with the longest lashes concentrated in the middle to really open the eye up. It makes me feel and look more awake with sweet little wisps. I’d wear this on the daily, even to run errands. They’re sweet and give the perfect lift. Faboulash 6

Faboulash 7

Style 49 is a little more voluminous and almost looks crown-like–which I can never resist. I love things that make me feel like a princess, and I definitely got Disney princess doe-eyed lashes with these on. While still remaining natural and keeping the longest wisps in the middle, the extra oomph in volume just adds a hint of mystery. It almost looks like really really good mascara.

Faboulash 8


Faboulash 9

Faboulash 10

Where the previous two were very natural and every day, this one is just straight-on sultry. With a definite swoop that would best complement a winged liner and its cross-hatch look, it’s not playing. For the girl who’s going to sport red lipstick tonight, these are the lashes for you. I felt so powerful wearing them–like I could smash the patriarchy and look good doing it.

Faboulash 11

Faboulash 12

This style is a combination of what I love about the BBWSP and the natural look of the first two. It’s got the wisps I love which bring the sweetness but the flair at the very end, giving the eye a great lift. I think this suited my face best with how it still made me look and feel like a Disney princess but with a touch of flirtiness and fun. The giddy rush I felt taking selfies with these on are testament to how, when you feel like you look good, you also feel good. And with the ease and instant magic of falsies, how can anyone resist?

Faboulash 14

What’s great about these handmade lashes is that the band is totally invisible rather than a line of black that gives away the illusion. The invisible band coupled with the wisps that don’t look synthetic or plastic-y or overly glossy like some lashes tend to look make these perfect for repeated use.

You could fool me into thinking these were legitimate eyelashes!

These are totally fab and don’t break the bank at all. At PHP 150, you can have an instant lash lift–all you need is a strip of lash glue and you can strut out the door and bat those eyes. What’re you waiting for? Capitalize on those beautiful eyes with these lashes!