LOOK: These Cookies and Dessert Bars are Worth the Extra Calories!

Words and Photos by Meldrick Tin

If you’re someone who just loves sweets but doesn’t necessarily have the time to bake some cookies or dessert bars and yet you still have that desire and urge to always have dessert after having a full meal—you’re in for a treat⁠, literally!

Hearts and Bells’ newest line of cookies and dessert bars

Hearts and Bells, a bakery shop specializing in cakes and other goodies, has now launched their newest line of cookies and dessert bars, made to be eaten on the go! They have five different but equally delicious and delectable variants, all of which are definitely going to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Their Chewy Caramel Bars are not only super addictive, but they’re also really soft, chewy, and has that luscious texture. If you love anything caramel, you’ll be sure to enjoy this treat! Every bite into this dessert bar will give you all the sugar rush you need to get you through the day.

Hearts and Bells’ Chewy Caramel Bars

Next on the list is the Premium Chocolate Butterscotch, my personal favorite. Not only does this dessert bar have the same soft and moist texture, it also has a buttery and chocolatey flavor to it that makes my mouth water each time! Every bite of this piece of this bar really is heaven-sent. This bar is perfect to pair with milk, tea, or coffee.

Hearts and Bells’ Premium Chocolate Butterscotch and Festive Chocolate Crinkles

You can now enjoy your favorite Festive Chocolate Crinkles not only every Yuletide Season, but every day! Hearts and Bells’ version of the traditional crinkles are not only rich and very chocolatey but is also very crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! This is perfect to pair with a glass of milk, coffee, tea, or ice cream.

If you want to have your small favorite piece of chocolate cake, the Classic Brownie Bars, Hearts and Bells also has also whipped up the perfect treat for you. Their crunchy, chewy, and chocolatey brownies are made from premium chocolate and are perfected with a fluffy texture that’ll surely satisfy your cravings!

Hearts and Bells’ Classic Brownie Bars and Double Choco Chip Cookie

If you’re into rich, chocolatey desserts, you’ll be sure to enjoy the Double Choco Chip Cookie. This cookie also has a soft and chewy center, made with real and premium chocolate ingredients! You’ll be sure to taste heaven in every bite.

All of Hearts and Bells’ cookies and dessert bars are beautifully packaged, which means that you can bring them to work or school as your baon, or gift it to your family or friends this upcoming Christmas season.

Hearts and Bells also bakes and produces their sweets with the finest quality ingredients and they’re guaranteed served fresh every day—now you won’t have to worry in needing to bake your own goodies!

Hearts and Bells

Main Branch: 934 Alvarado St., Binondo, Manila

Website: www.heartsandbellscakes.com

Facebook: facebook.com/heartsnbells

Instagram: @heartsnbells

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