LOOK: There is a Harry Potter Reference in Beauty and the Beast!

And my fangirl heart is rejoicing…along with all the others around the world!

Disney recently released this “Belle” clip from upcoming Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, which features Emma Watson as the lead role, Belle. The preview is the iconic opening number of the original 1991 film. We can see Emma Watson reveal her singing chops here, and oh my gosh, we love her sweet, sweet voice!

But here’s the thing. To die-hard Harry Potter fans around the globe, Emma will always be Hermoine Granger. Which is why when the Belle clip surfaced, Potterheads were so quick to catch this possibly major Harry Potter reference. Can you make the connection? Listen closely starting the 00:24 mark. Watch below:

Still no? Here’s the important exchange:

Belle asks: “Good morning Monsieur Jean. Have you lost something again?”
Monsieur Jean: “I believe I have. The problem is I can’t remember what.”

Fans believe that Monsieur Jean’s response was a direct nod to the Remembrall scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, where Neville Longbottom basically says the same line. Longbottom goes: “The only problem is I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten.”

Harry potter Beauty and the beast neville longbottom

Do you really think this could be a major nod to Emma’s Harry Potter history? I would like to think it is.

How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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