LOOK: Theft Can Happen Anywhere… Even in Church!

LOOK Car Robberies Can Happen Anywhere... Even in Church!

You’d think bad people would have respect for sacred spaces like churches, but think again. Evil strikes anywhere.

This photo and caption was shared by Paul Tinio to Top Gear Philippines, which then shared it on Facebook.

According to Tinio:

This happened earlier at Padre Pio Chapel in Libis. We lost cash. Good thing they didn’t take my wheelchair (I’m a PWD). Can’t believe this happened on the premises of a church, of all places. How times have changed.

Two things are scary here: the fact that they did this in the parking lot of a church, and the fact that they did it in broad daylight.

We can’t be too careful these days. If we can’t avoid suspicious-looking places, let’s keep our valuables hidden so it won’t tempt passersby.

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