LOOK: The team behind Avengers: Infinity War just released never-before-seen concept art

Over the duration of December members of the “Infinity War” visuals team have been releasing content which they worked on for the movie. Maybe they only just received permission to post their work? Or it has something to do with the release of the art book. Whatever the reason, checking out the works is a good way to tide you over for Avengers: Endgame.

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First, there’s concept art from Ryan Meinerding that depicts an early look at Thanos. He tweets that the work is simply a concept painting which was slightly experimental. At the point of its creation, Meinerding was still testing out how to incorporate the facial features of Josh Brolin (Thanos, of course) into the design.

Josh Nizzi, an artist from Marvel Studios, recently posted on Instagram an unused costume design for the Sam Wilson, the Falcon. Clicking through the photos also reveals the imagined back of the costume. While the use of the costume for an Avengers movie is pretty low right now, perhaps something of this sort might be used for the rumored Falcon and Winter Soldier show.

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unused falcon design for #infinitywar

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An early imagining of the confrontation between Doctor Strange and Thanos is revealed in Anthony Francisco’s Instagram. He explains that in the first post, Doctor Strange was “manipulating gas from a nearby star or pulling lava from the center of a planet.” Sometime after this attack, Doctor Strange attempts to contain Thanos as seen in the second post. In retaliation (pictured in the third post), Thanos sends a torrent of ‘comets, asteroids, and chunks of the moon’ down on Doctor Strange.

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THANOS! Fighting Doctor Strange on Titan. I helped with concepting some ideas for their battle. This was one of my suggestions. My description was … Thanos has 4 or 5 of the infinity stones , how would a battle with Dr Strange look like… and make sure it looks epic and something you havent seen before 🙂 ! Manipulating gas from a nearby star or pulling lava from the center of a planet was what I was trying out. I also transported comets and rocks from a nearby moon or planet to rain down on Strange (i will post that next) Keyframe moments like these are really fun to do, specially fulfilling when you can see how it helped in the final result in the film! Have a great #friday everyone ! – – – – – – – #mcu #conceptart #artwork #art #pannify #thanos #AvengersInfinityWar #drstrange #avengers #illustration #keyframedesign #shotdesign #epicbattle

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THANOS MAKING IT RAIN Comets asteroids and chunks of the moon! Concept art I did for Avengers: Infinity War part one . The artbook is out folks ! When @ryan_meinerding_art Head of visual development at Marvel Studios (we design the heroes and villains of the MCU and paint key moments in the films) tasked me with coming up with some EPIC ideas for how Thanos would wield his powers , I was very excited but worried at the same time because there was no limitations , hahaha. So this is what I came up with. I didnt really know how this would be achieved or the right angles for the shot. I just had to make sure I painted my idea clearly. Can you spot Dr Strange ? – – – – – #AvengersInfinityWar #avengers #illustration #conceptart #marvelstudiosart #drstrange #thanos #themadtitan #marvelstudios #comets #infinitygauntlet #moonchunks #epicbattle #ultimatepower

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Last is Marvel Studios concept illustrator Rodney Fuentebella’s concept art of the Red Skull as the spectral keeper of the soul stone. The initial designs show him as a much creepier character, “a cloaked religious looking figure.” If you ask me, he kind of looks like a dementor type.

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