LOOK: The Planned Davao-Samal Bridge Looks Amazing

A bridge connecting Davao City and the island of Samal will soon be built.

Yet, the design of the bridge that will be constructed is already earning praises due to its innovation.

The team behind the design, Filipino design team Budji + Royal Architecture + Design plans to use permeable material for the bridge. Hence, the bridge will be “sheer, lightweight and intelligible with a level of penetrability to the elements that can be managed to a sustainable advantage.”


The most grandiose bridge in Mindanao is set to be constructed for P1.19 Billion after the design had been revealed from Filipino design team Budji + Royal Architecture + Design which will connect Davao City and Samal Island. The bridge is DPWH Southern Mindanao’s version of Northern Mindanao’s Panguil Bay Bridge. The design of the bridge includes a railway which might append to Davao’s planned train system or to Mindanao Railway System. While Panguil Bay Bridge will cater millions of passengers who are crossing the Panguil Bay in their everyday lives, this bridge will mostly cater tourist of Samal Island and for the benefit of growing tourism industry in Davao. It can be noted that millions of tourists visit Davao which makes Davao the leading tourist destination in Mindanao.

The 30-kilometer bridge will link Davao and Samal, providing borderless trade and travel to both locations.

What do you think of this development?

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